All ceramics are handmade and therefore unique. I believe cute weirdness and tiny imperfections is what makes ceramics so beautiful. Bigger imperfections will always be noted and priced accordingly.

If you have any questions regarding my tattoos or my ceramic painting workshops please send me an email.

Do you sell to retail?
I do and I love it! Shoot me an email and I'll send you all the info.

Shipping info
I ship about once or twice a week; orders placed on a shop update day (when I upload new ceramics) tend to get shipped faster, if you order on any other day it will most likely take longer. If you want to have your order with you before a certain time please add it as a note and/or email me.
Note: if you enter a wrong address email me as soon as you find out. If the order has already shipped the extra shipping costs are the buyers responsibility. 
If your parcel gets returned to me because of a faulty address or because you're too late picking it up from the postoffice you will need to pay shipping again.

Do you ship worldwide?
I do. Unfortunately shipping to anywhere outside of Europe is quite expensive. Also there is a big chance there'll be extra costs involved (import fees), I am not responsible for any extra costs. 

I live in Utrecht, can I come pick it up and save some €€€?
Yes, pick-up is possible. Enter discount code 'UTREG' during check out and you'll get free shipping. I'll email you within 5 business days to arrange a date and time.
I get a lil shy when I meet new people so please don't mind me being a bit weird mmkey? Thanks.

What are your payment options?
I offer Paypal and iDeal. At first it might seem I only have Paypal, but if you click ahead you'll see the iDeal option soon enough.
ps. If you have the option to pay through iDeal this would be awesome; Paypal takes a (much) bigger fee from me.

Do you make custom work?
I do sometimes! You can always send me a DM or email and describe your idea!

It turns out don't like boobs after all, can I return my order?
Of course. If the product you bought is still as it was. Email me within 30 days of receiving your order that you'd like to return your order. Send your return with tracking-code. Once it has arrived safely I'll refund you the money.
Original shippingcosts and return-shipping costs won't be refunded.

My ceramics arrived damaged! What now?
Oh no! I'm so sorry!! Of course you'll get a refund. Please email me within 2 days of the parcel arriving and include a picture. You would help me greatly by sending me pictures of: the parcel, the ceramics in the parcel, the packing materials and of the broken product. This'll help me so much in getting my own refund from the post service.

I want to give it as a present, can you write a note with it?
Yesssss! I love that!! Include what you'd like me to write in the 'note' box during check out. Ps. my cards are small so I'll be able to fit about 1 or 2 short lines!

I have some more questions that weren't answered by this shitty FAQ.
Oops, sorry! Please send me an email and I'll get back to you within a few days.